When Ski Lifts Go Wrong is an interesting build them up physics game that will no doubt get you belly laughing instantly. Destruction and mayhem isn't SUPPOSED to be on the menu for patrons of this ski resort, but y'know...things happen and people might find themselves slapping their whole bodies into low hanging signs. It's all part of the fun in this weird little construction adventure!

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong alternate between a few different types of game play, all centering on a Lemmings-style 'get them to the finish line' goal. Sometimes your constructing will have to do with the lifts themselves--putting in large foundations that will hold the wheels up and strings taunt. You'll be at the mercy of your own problem solving skills as you watch your first rider feed up into the lift, and hope that it doesn't collapse before they get through safely.

Other types of levels revolve around getting a moving body to the finish line by constructing ramps and things to ensure no cliff dives happen. You might have a snowmobile to control, or a person on skis or a snowboard, but the goal is all the same. There's something so hilarious about chucking a snowmobile over a cliff in this game, that it's hard to be mad when you don't succeed.

Each level does take a bit of thinking, and they do increase in the amount of time that you'll have to use your brain for. What sounds like a good idea, might not be, but that's the beauty with a game like this--plenty of trial and error. There's enough variety in the puzzles and different types of levels that if you're anything like me--you'll find yourself glued to the monitor for hours. The music is the right amount of soothing, the graphics the right amount of simple and the physics...the right amount of hilarity.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong says it all in the name. It's a really simple, cute idea executed in a very tidy way. Fun to play and plenty to do, you'll be hard pressed not to have a good time with this one. Build them high! Build them small! But one things for sure...get them to the finish line!