The Aliens Are Back!

Two silhouettes of young boys with their hats on backwards and hair that looks like it is exploding out from underneath their caps are tuned into breaking news on their TV. Breaking News! Aliens Attack! The news host is losing control and flailing his arms, on the top right of the TV, the boys see what seems to be a UFO. This Unidentified Flying Object is dropping some type of hazardous bubbles from their space craft! An eye-witness in Bora-Bora confirm the presence of an enormous spacecraft hovering over the island. Thousands, if not millions of attack balls are pouring down from the sky! Satellites are reporting that even more ships are on their way to unknown locations around the globe. People of earth, these alien balls are coming for you! So, run for cover and don't look back! ---THIS IS NOT A DRILL--- 


Message to the Pang Brothers: if you see this, wherever you are, you are our only hope...

Dramatic 80's music hits my ears as the two brothers jump up in the air with such a pose of coolness, it could only be seen on TV. The red Pang Brother, black hair and a Band-Aid slap dead on the bridge of his nose, orange grappling shot in one hand with blue jeans and a red shirt and hat. The second Pang Brother, brown hair, blue shirt and blue jean shorts as well. Teal grappling shot in one hand and they are both ready to shine! Pang Brothers to the rescue!!!

What You Wanna Play?

Three modes will be the make up of this game. The first, Tour mode, Second, Score Mode and the third, Panic Mode. 

Tour Mode

Directly after selecting Tour Mode, which will be your only option at first until you proceed a bit into the game in order to unlock the rest of the modes, you will appear at a screen where the two Pang Brothers are waiting to kick some alien butt. Choose either the Red or Blue Pang brother then get ready to proceed with  some world saving activities. 

The next screen will show your destination to where you will be ridding the alien scum. Bora-Bora is the place. You have days, which are basically levels that you must complete in order to move on to the next destination which is Death Valley. Let's jump in.

Beautiful beach scene with very relaxing tropical music paints the picture of the place you'll be destroying alien balls. Your weapon? String. It is a mix of the grappling hook with an arrow shaped head on the end that when shot, will fly upward with a rope or string attached to it.

Your movements are limited. Left and Right and the ability to shoot your string upward. As these alien balls fall from the sky toward your face, you will need to shoot them, therefore popping them and that will then create smaller balls. As far as the String goes, since it is your first weapon, it is a simple weapon and can only shoot one shot at a time. So, time your shots carefully for you can shoot one ball, it pops, move over shoot the next, pop that one and so on. If you time this right, you can pop the balls in a row before they hit the ground. Think of it as volley ball, you hit it and it bounces up and you then hit it again until there are no more alien balls flying around. Things that are bonus points will pop out of the balls, not all but some. They come in the shape of pineapples, ice cream cones etc. the more you get the better your end score. You'll also get a shield in the shape of a shiny clear rock/diamond that will protect you from the hits you take. You will only be able to be hit once and then your shield is gone. Depending on how fast you complete the ball popping, that'll give you a time bonus. Sometimes you will see this little fairy fly across the screen really fast, hit it if you can and you will gain a huge bonus. Get hit by one of these toxic alien balls and you will fall to your doom.

At the beginning of every round you will have a set score that you have to beat. Most of the time you will achieve that goal. In the beginning it is not hard to do, but further in the game, it gets pretty difficult to achieve. The next weapon you will get is called, Spray. Think of it as a mini gun pistol. The rapid fire makes it easy to take out the alien bubbles. A lot of these levels will start to come with obstacles which will make you have to think quick on how to shoot upward when there is a barrier there and bubbles coming from each side. Thinking quick is key, so is finding ways that objects in the level will help you pop the bubbles. For instance, in some levels, you'll find crabs that are just walking around, if the bubbles hit them, they will burst. So those are some things to think about while playing. The String x2 will grant you a double shot of the String. Which grants you faster shots and unlimited bullets. The Spray does not have unlimited ammo and must be gained from killing bubbles. When you finish a level, you'll have three main bonuses that you might want to aim for. The first is the Level Score. That will consist of how many bubbles you popped and how fast. The second, Time Bonus. That is self-explanatory, get the job done fast. The third, which is the hardest out of the three, is NO Misfire. Meaning every shot must hit something. These are the basics of the game and Bora-Bora.

Panic Mode

Three lives, double String gun and an insane amount of alien balls falling. This is like a horde mode for Pang Adventures. Non stop drops. This is my favorite mode. You can really do a lot here. The goal is to pop as many balls as you can. These things never stop coming so I hope you have good hand eye coordination. With the double string you can get a lot more done. As soon as you pop a ball you are able to shoot off another round directly after. So if you pop two, boob, boom, quickly take out another two. I went all the way up to 100,000,000 points. It was real fun and I enjoyed the speed and capacity of the dropping of the balls. When playing be very careful not to hit the X button, because it'll automatically start your session from scratch. When I hit the one million score point, I was going so fast that I accidentally hit the X button and completely wiped my score and had to restart. I was so upset, but that just gave me more motivation. 

My Conclusion

This game is very awesome. At first glance it seemed bleak and boring. That was not the case at all. You can play two players also but I went beast mode by myself. There is one more mode that I have not yet unlocked due to how hard Tour Mode was, I'm sure it's just as fun as the rest. I had a great experience.