Little Imps is an RTS style dungeon builder with a monstrous twist. You play the role of an overlord of some kind, commanding your workers to build the biggest and best dungeon of them all! After that, you can take your little crew elsewhere and conquer other dungeons!

Little Imps, even in it's early stages has a LOT of potential to be a really addictive and fun game. With loads of things to learn right off the bat, the game gives you a hefty tutorial, without it being altogether annoying to complete. On top of that, the tutorial is actually helpful and not a nag to show off mechanics of lesser importance, like some do.

The main tune up I would say Little Imps needs is a tweak on building times. Sure, you can add more workers to one area to increase it and over time increase their building abilities, but starting out... it's a chore. The whole model feels like a mobile game, especially with any pop ups for tasks and overhead building times. A real time timer will appear over any building or mining project taking place, and boy, it can get tedious. To top that off, you have to physically click to complete any project--you can't just let the game auto run, which is a huge turn off in any state. The workers refuse to move on unless you click to acknowledge their finished build and will keep mining/building for nothing until you do so. Getting rid of clicking to confirm and long running times would massively improve the pace and the game itself.

The assets for Little Imps are definitely the highlight of the whole experience. It's adorable to look at and makes you want to keep building simply to see all the cool stuff that can be done. My only real complaint about the graphics is that there seems to be no option to zoom in--because I wanna see these little dudes up close! I know it's not supposed to, but everything looks so darn cute!

A fun game in theory, but not without it's own set of problems early on. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I'm not the only one feeling this way, so as long as the Devs keep an open ear and listen for what's best for the player, Little Imps could come out to be an absolute riot of a game. I hope so too--because I really would like to put my big, gross, warty Orc foot down and start expanding my underground kingdom!