Darksiders 3 is alive and kicking and, as it appears, people from Gunfire Games intend to prolong this period as much as possible. They've just rolled out an update that allows you to choose your favorite combat system.

Namely, you can choose the default system as the classic combat system. If you liked the combat system of the previous entries in the franchise, you will easily recognize this classic combat system as it's quite similar to these original mechanics. So, Fury will be able to instantly use an item and even interrupt her attacks if needed.

The level cap has also increased to 200 and Fury can now grab ledges much more effectively as well. At the same time, some serious game-breaking have been completely ironed out with this update.

Darksiders 3 arrived to our screens in November and while many reviewers believe it was flat, some people are really enjoying it nonetheless. Hopefully, these updates will improve the overall experience in the long run!