Here we venture into a Studio in Poland that goes by the name of Delirma. The meaning behind the name is explained below and I have to say that It hits a soft spot with me. Faither, it is a word chose by Michal and his companions and is to represent the meaning of three words. Father, Faith and Fight. Pretty in depth if you ask me and I love it. We often find many meanings behind games and the content thrown in by the Creators. There is no shortage here. It has been my honor to do this interview and I hope that we will have a long and healthy relationship in the future. Without further a due, let's get into the meat of this interview.

The PC version of Priest Simulator will be issued at the end of 2019 - Ultimate Games S.A. announced. The game's creators from the Polish studio Delirma are preparing diverse gameplay and an extensive system of reputation and moral choices, among other things. At the same time, Delirma is also currently working on the game Faither, which premiere is planned for the middle of next year.

The two new games, Priest Simulator and Faither by Delirma, will appear in 2019. Both will be released by Ultimate Games S.A.

Priest Simulator and moral choices

Priest Simulator is a first-person game. The new production of the Delirma studio will allow for taking on the role of a priest and performing specific activities related to him. According to the creators, their work will not present the life of priests in an unconventional convention.

"In our new game you will feel like a priest, the most privileged person in the village. We focus on an open world in which the main path of the storyline will be intertwined with intriguing side tasks. There will be plenty of standard activities - e.g. preaching sermons, visiting people and the sacraments but there will also be some more unusual activities such exorcisms and battles with demons says one of the creators of the new game, Michal Jod.

Priest Simulator will also, among others, possibilities to develop the character. In turn, money collected in the game can be used, e.g. for the modernization of the church, car upgrades, weapons needed to fight demons or the development of an underground laboratory for preparing incense and holy water.

The game's creators also offer an extensive system of reputation and moral choices.

"Life is the art of selecting the lesser evil. Such will also be the case in our game, where we will solve problems in different ways or not solve them at all. If a resident asks us for help, then, of course, we will be able to help that person, but the game will also offer alternatives less beneficial for the needy. We'll kill the devil and receive from the client an envelope with a reward or we allow the demon to depart and we obtain an ability associated with black magic. The decisions will be reflected in the reputation indicator and we invest the money in developing the parish, car upgrades and better weapons" explains Michal Jod.

The date of the game's release was initially set on December 25, 2019.

Priest Simulator (Steam):

Priest Simulator Trailer:


Faither, the life of an exorcist

The other game which Delirma studio is currently working on is Faither (the early name of the game was Priest). The player will be able to play an exorcist who deals with a series of demonic possession in a mysterious village. The production will stand out with its demanding gameplay, numerous RPG elements, a dark history and an unconventional audiovisual setting. As the creators point out, Faither is a completely separate project that will offer unique solutions and attract an original approach to the topic.

Faither will have its premiere on June 6, 2019

Faither (Steam):


How did you begin your journey into making video games?

We're not "game dev or die" kind of guys. It's not that we wanted to make games, and then chose the theme. It was the other way around. We began our journey into making games, because adding interaction to our stories felt attractive back then, at the moment of deciding. Our first game was meant to be a cartoon. The vision is clear, I'd say it's a mix of dark atmosphere and a strange (lack) of humor. Now we chose games as a medium to share that vision, next time it can be something else. Music perhaps. 

What was the first memory you have that made you want to start creating indie games, what gave you passion?

I was working on a screenplay to a cartoon called Lid (from LIVING ON DEVOTION, we're Modern Talking fans), and couldn't choose which ending I like more. I decided to dump this responsibility on people, who'd watch the cartoon. So "watch" transformed to "play". Although the game finally won't be about story choices, this is my first memory you asked about. Lid is a purely hobby project, so the works on it are suspended because of Faither and Priest Simulator, but one day we'll finish it.

What genre would you say your fan base revolves around?

Now, thanks to the success of Priest Simulator trailer, I think the most positive feedback we get from people who like Postal series, funny simulators, and PlayWay games. I don't think we can talk about genre, but our current fan base revolves around action games. It's highly possible that people who will like Priest Simulator will prove to be fans of Troma or Hammer Film Productions too. 

What does it cost to continually stay active in the indie world? What sacrifices have you had to make and what is your advice to anyone else wanting to start their own studio?

To be honest, I wouldn't give any advice. The competition is enormous, please don't do this, there are already to many of studios ;). Our included... and after you refuse to follow this lack of advice, find yourself a job or a publisher. Unless you are rich of course.

Why the name Delirma? 

In Poland "delirka" is a friendly name for a delirium tremens. I switched "k" to "m", because I like "m" more. Returning to what I said in the answer for the first question: because we don't promise to stay in the medium, it's Delirma, not Delirma Games or Delirma Software.

Do you see yourself having many more successful years in the video game industry?

That's our plan. We work on it, we do our best. We want success, but we don't visualize it or anything like this. The vision of our games helped to create the plan, of course. However, now everything we focus on is the next milestone. That's what we can control.

What can you say was your first victory in completing your goal / goals?

I'd say it was winning the movie contest in our local cinema. We saw the ad, we made a cartoon, we got the first price, and decided to follow the blow. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?

Watching another beautiful El Clasico.


Michal Jod.

Thanks for the interview, Stan.


-- We would like to Thank Michal for taking the time to answer our questions.