Let's, Hunt!

The Hunt

Bounty Hunting is the name of the game with a grungy cowboy look from western genres. Old revolvers, pump action shotguns, submachine guns and much more. The objective will be to hunt down monsters for gold and if other enemies are also looking for that monster in "PvP" watch out. They can and will still your glory. With Sandbox play style you have the freedom to roam and do as you please. The swamp and marshes along with broken down barn landscapes, it gives this game an eerie feeling and it is well welcomed.

Gear Up

From cosmetic to weapons of all kinds at your fingertips. From the video reveal I have seen, Pump Shotguns, Sawn Off's, Revolvers, Bolt Action Rifles, Dynamite and so on. Level up to unlock gear and play again.

Monster Boss Fights and Bounty

Fighting against Boss Monsters will get you the bounty. When you defeat the Boss, you will find that a beacon will go off on the map and that there will notify other players where your exact location is on the map. They will come and try to take the loot you just won for themselves so watch out and be prepared to defend for what is yours. Banish them to hell and run like hell to escape.

The Sandbox Environment

Swamps, abandoned buildings, and barns, swamps and marshes, these dark and odd landscapes make the game look so intense. Dark waters, not knowing what's coming from around the corner. That is suspense. Barrels, oil lamps, and other things will be used as environmental advantages. If an unexpected enemy is too focused on battle and does not see the oil barrel, he, or she is in for a surprise as you can take aim and light up the night.

Track Your Enemy

From what I saw, very much like The Evil Inside, you give yourself an injection, except for this being to heal yourself, you will have the ability to track down enemy Monsters in this other dimension vision. Like heat sensor abilities that will show you, I am assuming tracks etc. to find your target.


Take off with your friends and compete in FPS. Competitive is what the designers say the game is. Fight against other teams that can take you out of the game for good since death is permanent. Work together and from what I saw, I would try to have a scout, someone to secure objectives and another to be the assault. Looks strategic as well as tactical when it comes to finding the enemies and the monsters.

The Plot and More

The teams narrow down the bosses location and you do that by finding clues. Finding clues comes easy because you have the darkness within you, which gives you a connection to the monsters. When the monsters break through to our realm they will leave rifts, by connecting with the rifts you can then sense where the monster is heading due to the fact that you have the same darkness lingering inside of you. After finding the clues the region will shrink, almost PUBG, but a bit bigger. After the region shrinks, you will get closer to finding your target.
Bunch of AI's will be in the way just to spice things up and make it more challenging to continue on with your bounty, There are different ways of taking targets out. If you decide to shoot the AI's you will make noise and that noise will alert other players which can be a bad idea. Using a sword or taking them out silently would be more sufficient. You have many different tools and gadgets to kill and take care of the AI's differently.

The Showdown

When you locate the monster the Showdown begins. Everyone fights for the Token, which is the item you obtain when you defeat the boss. The Token is what you are after. When you locate the boss all teams will be very close to each other just like PUBG. Have a planned out execution for the last bit. Example; you can kill the monster and wait for the other team to take the token while waiting in the dark or wherever you prefer, they will pick it up, you can then kill that player take the Token and run. My favorite goes all out, take the Token and let the guns blaze. So many different ways to play, I love it.

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

When the Token is obtained, that is when initiation Hunter Becomes the Hunted starts. Pretty self-explanatory. You are now the hunted when you procure the token cause the other teams will be on your trail. I've mentioned this before, but you'd better have a plan between you and your teammates to get away. You can Inject yourself to run faster and gain other abilities. 

Why Xbox Preview?

The producers at Crytek want The Hunt on Xbox Game Preview, ultimately to get feedback from the fans. They want to continue to build a great game and what better way to do that then asking us, the consumers. We have yet to know about a release date. I'm thinking early next year sometime. 

My Opinion

I am so excited to jump in this game when it comes to the Xbox Game Preview. Will see how many I can get on this game with me in my group of gaming partners. Very much looking forward to seeing how everything will be laid out and if it is easy to customize and carry weapons etc. My attention is totally drawn to a couple games and this is one of them.