Insane Robots is a fun game with strategy packed into it. It may seem a little childish at first glance, but when you enter the world of the insane, there is nothing adolescent about it. Here we have a turn-based game with energy tokens gained every turn. It reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, but with more in depth game play.

The presentation is beautiful. You start of the first robot your given to play with, Franklin. You can unlock other characters and use them when unlocked. For now, you will Play with the first presented and play more than a couple levels to do that. Very colorful and bright, light and relaxing. If you can get your children to join in, if they are old enough and capable, I'd bring them along for the experience. It could teach them the basics of gaming while giving them insight to strategic abilities that can be found in many video games these days.

With each character you have bonuses and skills other Insane Robots do not have. With that you have advantages and disadvantages. K1-TTY is one of my favorites for it has an insta kill perk. I took out more than a couple with that skill. If it pops up in your ready to use box, toss it out there. If the enemy has only 2 life, then you will win without even making a move, if you get lucky enough to get it first go that is.

Tokens are what this game is built around. Swap tokens, lock tokens, hack tokens and many more that will come as you progress. Hazards are also built into the tournaments as you get further. They can be very dangerous if you are caught in them, so I'd stay away from hazardous spots if you can. They will appear right on top of you sometimes, so it's best to use your move tokens responsibly. So many tokens, so many ways to kill and defend. It will get a little hairy when these come into play.


Great game. I have run into a couple good indie games in the last few months, I'd put this in my top 5. We have so many choices to choose from within the vast growing indie genre, so it's not a surprise that you will find good and bad games. It all depends on what you like. Me I am open to new games and new takes, I cannot allow myself to be stagnant in the video game industry because I will simply get left behind. Go ahead and give this game a try.