Five years ago there was a SyFy show called Defiance and Trion worlds had this innovative idea of a game and TV show tie-in where events in the TV show affected the game and vice versa so to get the whole experience you had to follow both. Now the TV show has long since gone and Defiance 2050 was released, which is in itself a remake of the game.

The game itself is full of problems some of these are so glaringly obvious even Stevie Wonder could have seen them, Like showing off characters from the TV show within the first cut scene of the game with no introduction to who they are or any of their motivations, This is not a good way to bring in new players who have no idea about the TV show in the first place.

The Game itself is a mess and the Overhaul provided just isn't enough, the game looks like the original with only a small polish to the graphics, the world is empty with no rewards for exploration apart from completing challenges and only the Arkfall Events and the Sieges stand a chance of keeping you returning to the game. The game Crashes randomly still, and it feels like the publisher is trying to cash in on the franchise.

On a plus point the game does seem to have a higher frame rate but I still experienced loads of Lag, being killed by invisible enemies and not hitting what I am aiming at. When participating in an arkfall you are rewarded by how much you actually help out and all loot is instanced so you can't hang back for everyone to kill everything and then steal the loot for yourself, but this is bad if your lagging so much you can't hit anything. When it works the cooperative experience is great, driving down the road seeing someone under fire just jump in and give them a hand. But all of this was in the original there are no new ideas that would make it worthwhile for veterans to return back to the game,

The only other Major Plus point is that the game is free to play and I am glad because its not worth anyone actually paying for this steaming pile of shit when there are so many Triple A titles out this year, and it was nice to go back to a game I forgot about, but this shows that sometimes things should stay forgotten.