A couple months back I reviewed Monster Energy Supercross, and the biggest selling point on this game that Monster Energy did not have, is that you can literally customize everything from your helmet to the spokes on your bike. Monster energy was a good game graphics wise, brilliant really, but so lacked customization, which I mentioned in my review. I am a lover of all genres of video games, racing was one of the first genres that I got good at. So naturally this is something that I like to play, but this game should not be taken lightly. Very difficult indeed when it comes to the physics of the bike. You cannot smash on the gas and expect a smooth ride, no, this is the type of game that keeps you on edge because you must be on point when racing. Sharp turns, 30 maybe 40-foot straight shots riddled with little dirt hills giving you enough time to hit the gas then quickly press the front or back brakes. You can imagine how fast you'd have to be with your reflexes. Beautiful graphics that utilize the full potential of the Xbox One X and the 6 teraflops that are packed into the console. Very smooth maneuvering when it comes to controlling your character.


I couldn't have any distractions while I was playing this game. It is so intense, but at the same time keeps it so interesting and competitive. It's most definitely a clutch game. Better with a headset, sound bar with a subwoofer or surround sound for sure. Having recently got an LG sound bar it makes such a big difference in the way the game takes place. I mean if you have the sound of the engine right in your ear with the ability to feel the ground shake a little, that's immersive gaming if you ask me. I was never one for accessories when it came to sound for entertainment such as movies, TV'S or gaming. I can testify that it is worth checking out sound bar or surround sound options that are affordable. The amazing quality of the sound bar put me in my zone and gave me a sense when racing my dirt bike that I would not have gotten before.


Man!!! What can I say when it comes to customization? As a gamer I am all about making my character or vehicle represent me. I am sure most, if not all gamers love customizing. It's how we make a statement and identify inside our video games is it not? I say yes. This game lets you change parts, colors and the font in many ways. For me, I was sold when I first seen that I could deck my bike out in many ways than just one and with tons of colors to choose from there is sure to be something you'll like. There are multiple variants of dirt makes, suits, boots, googles and so many more items that it seems almost overwhelming. Grade A job where customization is concerned to me.


I have seen good graphics in the last year and games these days are becoming more and more stunning where visuals take place. It's no surprise that MXGP Pro has some of the best I have seen in 4k and on the XBO X. The detail in the dirt and the rubber of the tires for example, are so smooth. Up close and personal is how I would describe my overall opinion. The dirt just looks so real that it can make you feel that you are really driving a bike. I have an LG 55" 4K and HDR flat screen that is just perfect for this game. Although I am sitting on top of the pentacle when it comes to true 4K gaming in the sense I have the right equipment to do so, does not mean that this game will not be fantastic on a 1080p. Considering I have the all of this to make my gameplay very in depth I can say that I am very impressed with the graphics efforts. Simply brilliant.


Over the last 18 years the video game industry has fiercely grown in all aspects. Sound quality, graphics and most of all, maneuverability. This game is a primary example of how far games have came when it comes to how smooth and exact a character can move. The slightest flick of a joy stick will cause a fast and accurate action. The acceleration and brakes are very on point. Taking a corner at a high speed isn't the smartest way to go when racing so you are going to have to slowdown. With a front and back brake coming to a stop or slowing down is much easier. Given that you can use both at once gives you more control of your character. This is a game that demands skill and knowledge. You can't jump straight in and just start winning, no, this is a game that can make seasoned veterans bow if they have not played a racing game in a while. Quick turns, fast stops, dodging and weaving through riders, that all happens often. If you can manage to make in the top 10 positions all the time, I'd say that you have done good and have mastered the ability to race in MXGP Pro.


Such a great game. MX games have always been fun and attractive. I very much enjoyed this game, the one thing that could have made it better would be if they had put tricks in here. You can do a scrub and it looks badass, but superman and backflips look way badass. Other than that, I'd recommend this game to anyone that loves MX games, or to anyone wanting to try this kind of game for the first time. I will be putting time into MXGP Pro.