I've been a fan of No Man's Sky for a while, heck, I've been a fan of the game back when it launched. I've seen the game rise from the early launch issues, to a massive 3 updates for the PC and PS4 versions. I've played a ton of it, and I've enjoyed it. In fact those of you who are waiting for it on Xbox One might not know yet just what the game's all about.

I'm not going to tell you though. I'm going to leave that monumental task to a guy who I just met today, who has Xbox Gamers in his heart and who is doing a great community job for No Man's Sky. Hello Games need to hire this guy, seriously.

Bicicyle Walrus is his name, and you can interact with him on DM 21 Gaming Youtube
And of course, Mixer

He knows his stuff and plays a lot of other games, he's created a fun and vibrant community that supports him, and he in turn supports them. In these times of trouble in the world, it's nice to see a guy who is basically bringing people together. Someone I would be happy to buddy up with on No Man's Sky and play when the game comes to Xbox One finally with the NEXT update on July 24th, EU retail is July 27th.

So BW, big guy, you do some great work and on behalf of us at Games Xtreme, keep on being awesome!