People have mixed opinions about Anthem. Some players believe that we are going to get a new Destiny (and a better one) and others think that we are in for a massive failure. We might be one step closer to the truth as BioWare have just released a 20-minute gameplay demo.

The video is narrated by Ben Irving and it showcases how the raids are going to work. We can take a look at the so-called Stronghold mission where four different players are smacking up the rivals' base.

Players can access the raids any time they stumble across a stronghold. At the same time, any level can join the raids as well. It's not really too different compared to Destiny if you think of it.

The video also touches on the subject of "emergent world dreams" and it's something that you really need to check out for yourself.

Take a look at this amazing demo and let us know what you think. The full version of Anthem will be released on February 22 and it will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC.