As Sony Bend just announced, the post-apocalyptic open-world shoot-'em-up (or should I say "zombie-'em-up" instead) will be coming out next year. Namely, it will come out on February 22, 2019. Sony is now in a series of pre-E3 announcements and this is one of those things that we were eagerly looking forward to.

It's interesting to add that Days Gone is the first game that Sony Bend released ever since Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The plot is set in.....what appears to be quite a hellhole in the US and we will have loads and loads of zombies to shoot. Damn it, can't those undead creatures give us some peace already! You will play as a notorious bounty hunter by the name of Deacon St. John. This guy doesn't want to accept that he has to live in such a horrible place and, obviously, he's more than ready to settle the score with those nasty zombies.

Days Gone will be released on PS4 only. So, here's a good reason to buy the console if you don't have it already.