Fallout: New Vegas is a "dinosaur" of a game at this point and even though it's quite an old title now, the modding community somehow always makes it look like it was released right now.

The New California mod is probably the mod that brings the most content and it's no wonder that people are working on it for 5 years straight. But our waiting will soon come to an end as New California will be coming out on October 23.

Technically speaking, New California is a prequel to New Vegas and it comes with 12 different endings in total. Other than the main campaign, we will also get some side-quests in the future as well. They will come at some point after New California sees the light of the day. For now, however, we will have to be satisfied with the main questline.

We believe that there will be plenty of narratives involved here as the mod is coming with an impressive amount of recorded dialogues (16 000 in total). It will be quite interesting to hear all this babbling first-hand!

A beta will be launched in July and a Discord channel will be launched alongside the official trailer. Have a look at the narrative teaser down below: