You didn't play Okami yet? Shame on you! You should absolutely fix that right away. In all seriousness, though, we have great news for all Switch owners. As Capcom just announced, Okami is coming to the Big N's latest console this summer. To be more precise, August 9 is the exact date. That's really awesome, isn't it?

Okami is truly a cult title and that is really the case ever since its initial release (back in 2006). Many people even call it the unofficial Zelda game. We wouldn't go that far but, there's no doubt that the game is truly iconic. The developers behind the game come from the (currently) defunct Capcom subsidiary called "Clover Studios". These are the same guys behind franchises like Devil May Cry and Resident Evil.

As you may expect, the Switch version of Okami will be slightly updated compared to the original release. Not only that the touch-screen functions will be improved, the game will also get slightly improved graphics as well. I believe that the original visuals still hold up perfectly but I certainly look forward to seeing these updated visuals nonetheless!

Prepare your Switch as this is going to be one hot summer! And, who knows, maybe we get to see the sequel (Okamiden) at some point as well.