We finally have an idea on when to expect this Viking-oriented adventure. As Stoic Studio confirmed, The Banner Saga will be coming to Nintendo Switch on May 17. Which is, basically, only 6 days away from this point!

At the same time, we should also note that we are still waiting for the third and the final chapter of the trilogy to be released but that is not going to happen until July 24.

In a true RPG fashion, the decisions that you are making throughout the game matter a lot and that involves many different factors. The narrative factors are, obviously, very important and you can directly influence the future outcomes by deciding what to reply. And not only that you can have a direct impact on the future this way, you also have a choice which warriors you want on the battlefield, for example. So, combat decisions are just important as well. If you mess up here, not only that you can instantly lose the battle, a bad decision can also result in a death of a very important character. So, you better watch out!

The original Banner Saga was released in 2014 and back then it was a PC exclusive but it was quickly re-released on PS4 and Xbox One only 2 years later. If you didn't try the game yet and you have your Nintendo Switch ready, now is the time to grab your copy!