Many of us saw it coming already but, anyway, the Limited Edition of Owlboy is already being cooked up and it's coming to both PS4 and Switch as an exclusive release. The biggest innovation is coming in the form of an instruction manual. Quite neat isn't it?

So, the biggest addition here will be the official booklet that, I have to admit, looks really awesome. People who like to collect various gaming merchandise will certainly love this as well. And speaking of these treats, there will also be a bunch of physical goodies that are absolutely amazing. So, basically, you are getting a copy of the game, a special limited edition box, the authenticity certificate, 2x metal coins and 2x pins, a sticker sheet and a special pin box as well.

Even though many people nowadays are asking themselves "What's so special with these manuals?" Well, at this point, you don't see many big names putting their effort in order to make proper manuals as....Google is your best friend anyway. But, back in the day, not only that they were the only sources of knowledge when it comes to a particular game, very often, they would also include some useful tips and tricks or even strategy guides that would help you beat the game effectively.

Owlboy Limited Edition will be shipped on July 13 so make sure to grab your copies as soon as they're up.