Great news guys and gals! The first official Battlefield 1 DLC can now be obtained for free. And this applies to all popular platforms. Thanks a bunch, DICE!

There are 4 different expansions available for Battlefield 1 but They Shall Not Pass is a major DLC as it introduced a whole new class (Trench Raider) as well as the French Army Faction. And, really, these two additions were enough to make us involved with the game even more.

But, obviously, that wasn't the end. The multiplayer aspect was improved as well and we got 4 brand new maps added to the rotation - Rupture, Verdun Heights, Fort De Vaux and Soissons. On top of that, you can also tackle 2 brand new Operations - Beyond The Marine and The Devil's Anvil.

Now, along with this amazing update, we should also note that DICE already announced that the support for Battlefield 1 will be waning off in the near future. That could also be the reason for these freebies but hey, we are getting Battlefield V soon anyway so this really comes as no surprise.

Make sure to grab this DLC if you haven't already and you can also start preparing for the next Battlefield title while you're at it.