Taking the stage for the ultimate melt-your-face off rhythm game is Double Kick Heroes!

The concept is a fairly simple one: zombies/monsters, metal, destroy their faces with killer tunes. Right off the bat, I can tell you that this will be a game that you'll want to check out if you're anything like me and a huge fan of rhythm titles. It's often difficult to place a plot in musical games: Guitar Hero observed your rise to the charts playing in a cover band, Amplitude and Frequency were a surreal trip through a cyberworld to construct full tracks, and Bust A Groove gave you an individual reason to dance your way to the top. In Double Kick Heroes, you've been left to the apocalypse as a metal head, using all that you know to survive--shooting guitar bullets at pursuing enemies.

It's ridiculously radical and unapologetic for all the whaling you're meant to do. Often the tracks have a solid Joe Satriani feel to them, which makes it even more of a treat to lay down. The pacing is perfect and loads of fun to experience. As far as the shooting your guitar goes--you'll be tasked to touch on certain notes, either high or low that actually aim your bullets accordingly. The playing field for the enemies is scattered about-- as the aiming is high or down low, so are they and it's up to you to aim wisely so they don't latch on to the bumper of your Gunzillac (Yes, that's the actual name of this awesome ride).

There's nothing I can really fault for this game. It's a smart concept, well executed, with varying levels of difficulty to suit beginner and veteran players alike. It's graphics are simple and effective...not to mention downright awesome if you're a player that tends to enjoy the more pixelated side of life.

Double Kick Heroes certainly has made it on the top of my rhythm game list. It's a wild good ride from start to finish with plenty of replayability and personality. The concept is rock-solid and will win you over instantly with insanely tight riffs, peppered with a good amount of good old fashioned gibbing. So what are you waiting for? It's time to ROCK!