The spiritual successor of Descent will finally be released this year as Revival Productions confirmed. PC will be the first platform to get it and the release date has been set for May 31. The PC version is still in the Early Access phase but it's almost ready to leave that state and to become a full-blown release.

PS4 and Xbox One fans also have every reason to be excited as well since Overload will be coming to these consoles as well near the end of 2018. You will need a bit more patience if you're looking forward to these particular versions but every patience pays off, remember that!

The single-player campaign will be very rich and it will include 15 unique stages but we will also get some intensive multiplayer content as well. And, as an additional icing on the cake, the game will be fully compatible with technologies like Oculus Rift and HTC Vice. Now the things start to become real!

The developers gave some very comments as well and this is what co-created of Revival Productions (Mike Kulas) had to add on this matter: "We started Overload as a nostalgic homage to Descent, but it's really grown into something more. We were able to create a deep story with voice, a new challenge mode and add VR support. And all this is on top of graphics and sound we could only dream about 20 years ago". Matt Tochlog was equally optimistic bay noting the following: "It's been a blast creating this game, and we especially value the relationships we've formed with our Kickstarter backers and Early Access players".

It looks promising indeed! Don't let us down Revival!