Bethesda have recently announced a new expansion for their critically acclaimed MMO (and we wrote about it here) but, we now have the official video to gawk at until the expansion is finally released.

So, as you might be familiar already, the Summerset Isles are a native home of the High Elves and it's the first time since 1994 that we are going to visit this wonderful place (back then it was a part of The Elder Scrolls Arena). Another thing worth mentioning is that not only that Summerset is a bigger expansion than Morrowind, it's also the biggest expansion ever when it comes to the territory and the overall landscape. At the same time, we are also getting a truly epic storyline that will (hopefully) expand properly on the original Orsinium plot. Some of our well-known foes will be making a return but we will become more powerful and we will get some new abilities to smack them down effectively.

The expansion will be coming to both Xbox One and PS4 on June 5. And if you wish to take a look at the super-gorgeous trailer that we mentioned earlier, you can do that right below: