The "Witchwood" expansion is practically knocking at our door but, that's not really the only thing to be excited about at this point. Other than the (regular) serotonin rushes upon winning the game, the newest expansion will bring us some really amazing stuff. All that was already revealed during the livestream on Twitch actually. But one particular thing........well, it was mentioned as a feature before but, we now actually figured out just how awesome it will be. Yes, we will be able to borrow our friends' decks and use them directly against their previous owners! Seriously, how cool is that?

This is how they describe it all: " If you're challenging another player and maybe you're new to the game and you don't have a lot of decks or you just want to help somebody playtest, you can hit "Borrow Decks" and they'll get a little dialogue box. And they can say "yeah, they can use my decks in this challenge." So just for that 1v1 friendly play experience, now you can use each other's decks. You can swap decks and play each other's decks against each other". It's definitely a good addition and I am fully supportive of it here.

Make your cards ready, ladies and gentleman, as Witchwood has nearly arrived. Only the bravest will survive this hellhole, that's for sure!