A big thank you to Microsoft for providing us with The Council. Cheers!!!


You are Louis De Richet, son of Sarah De Richet, members of the Golden Order. You and your mother were held captive by and enemy seeking a valuable book in the first scene, but wittingly escaped with cleverness. Two months later your mother has disappeared in search of another majestic item. You are now on the search for her and will do anything you can to find her.


You are given three choices of classes you can choose from. All three are very different. Which ever one you choose will determine who you go about investigating people and objects.

  1. Diplomat - The Diplomat shines in society. A talented speaker, he avoids faux pas and he can convince those with whom he is talking without offending them. Politics is his field of predilection.

  1. Occultist - The Occultist is a master of deception. Convinced of the importance of knowledge, he has acquired extensive expertise in science and the arts of using others to achieve his own ends does not bother him.

  1. Detective - The Detective excels in investigation. He is trained to notice every detail in his surroundings as well as in people he questions. A hands-on man, he does not shy away from the direct approach.


With whichever skill set you chose, you will have certain restrictions and advantages. You have what you would call EFFORT points. An Effort point is basically energy that will exhaust as you either figure out a specific scenario or whether you fail at it. For instance, you are talking to the duchess and you are in the middle of a conversation when a prompt pops up. You will have various options and you can only choose the one that your skills are set for. Some options may not be available for the choosing, so you'll either have to take that loss or find another way around the investigation. When you do have the option to choose one of the different prompts, one of your effort points will be taken. Be sure to make the right choice so you do not irresponsibly waste effort points. You will be able to find Royal Jelly and other items to restore your Effort points, so do not fret.


I have everything I need in this game as far as controls go to give it a good review. When it comes to me liking a game, the controls and the way I can maneuver my character will automatically tell me if I can even stand the game. You can use RT to run and turning the view is not that bad. This is a mystery/detective game so remember that this is not all about your character movement. You'll have a lot of cut scenes and exploring to do at a mild pace.


The graphics are ok. I like the look of the game and the mediocre design. This game will be good if you want to take a break from the fast-paced multiplayer games of today. Though not the best graphics in the world, they are not the worst. Puts me in a good mood to where I can enjoy the scenery and the details around me.


This is an episodic game with a breath of fresh air for gamers who love to dabble in different genres of video games. Good experience overall. If you want a relaxing night after a hard day's work and are in to narrative adventures, this is what you should play.