Embark on an adventure to save the kingdom of Avantia. You are chosen to follow in your father's footsteps to banish darkness from your kingdom. A wizard approaches you with a noble quest,  The Beast Quest. Your father has disappeared some years back, with no trace to his whereabouts, it is now up to you to save your kingdom


This is a turn based game. By defeating enemies you are given points to level up your character. You can find chests and keys for them lying around openly on your map. For that fact, I give this game a thumbs up. There is no running around figuring out where to look next for keys or items. They are just there for you to grab. Simple.

It's quite overwhelming with all of the A.I's you can interact with at first. So just choose one and go from there. By interacting with these characters you will receive new side quests, so look out for them.


The graphics are not supreme, nor are they meant to be. This is more of a Indy type game,  with the attraction that you can just jump in, play and not get all into depth over this game. Easy going. The graphics remind me somewhat of King's Quest. Childish like.

Final word

This game would have been so much better if it wasn't turn based. I like the concept, but you can tell that not much care was put into this game. It is based on a book series that I have never read. This might hit home with those that have read the books. For me though, not much love was gained. I do not recommend this game.