I believe there is no need to remind you guys and gals about the wondrous successes that Fortnite is making. Not only that it constantly sets new records on all available platforms, it's now also playable on your mobile (and we wrote about that here). And now it has another record - it managed to officially beat GTA Online when it comes to the number of monthly players. Just...wow!

Indeed, this information was brought to us by the February report from SuperData. Fortnite isn't #1 on any system thus far but, it has a rising tendency and I can see it beating the games like League of Legends (on PC) and Call of Duty: WWII (on the consoles) in the nearest future. And, well, I am just as certain that it will be in the top 3 mobile games as well. It's no wonder really, the Battle Royale concept was brilliantly integrated into this title and it's free as well! So, the players have every right to be hooked up.

Regardless of whether you prefer playing Fortnite on your PC or your console (or maybe, just maybe, even your iOS), it appears that the virus is just as addictive. And I truly hope it never goes away!