Believe it or not, Pokemon Go is still going strong and it still has quite a community that plays the game regularly up to this day. In order to keep the players interested, the devs need to keep introducing new stuff and they need to keep the content polished and updated at all times. Well, guess what? They've been doing it really good!

As we are about to approach April, Niantic have prepared a Community Event that should hopefully get us even more hyped up about catching all these different Pokemon species. As we noted in the title, the event is very sheep-flavored and Mareep will be the prime target to catch on April 15 between 2:00 PM EDT until 5:00 PM EDT. Niantic will also motivate both the young and the not-so-young trainers to get out and hunt down this cute little thingie.

What you also need to know about the event is that every egg incubator will work 4x times as fast and Lures will be active throughout the entire event (that's 3 hours basically). At the same time, all the Flaaffy's that get turned into Ampharos while the event is active will also learn some special moves that can be used in a battle. It all sounds really great and it makes me want to play the game yet again.

Make sure to check out the official website for more info and be sure to tune in on April 15th to get some nice goodies by participating in this event.