In our recent CoD news entry, we touched upon the subject of rumors regarding the newest Call of Duty and we mentioned that Black Ops 4 is a very likely possibility. Aaaand, yes, it's no longer a rumor, we have our confirmation here - Black Ops 4 was just announced by Activision and it's coming this autumn.

We will have more information in the upcoming weeks and months but, here's what we know so far - There will be a special event hosted by Activision themselves on May 17 and that is when we will get a lot more content (sort of) to chuckle until the game comes out (and, as it stands right now, the game will be launched on October 12). Alongside that event, Activision will be present on E3 2018 and that is where we will probably get loads of additional material, probably some cinematic teasers as well and, at that point, we should know everything we need to know about the game prior to its release.

Black Ops 4 comes as no surprise really. Not only that the ending of Black Ops 3, kind of, suggested that a sequel is very likely to happen, there were numerous leaks on various different places so we were not wondering that much whether Black Ops 4 is happening but WHEN it's happening.

As we said, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is coming on October 12 this year so, you can start pumping your adrenaline already. And, once we have more info on the game itself, we will do our best to keep you updated.