Sony is working hard to improve the overall functionality of its latest console and the good news is that the new update is finally up and ready to be used by millions of PS4 owners. After a long (yet constructive) test session, the patch 5.50 can be downloaded starting from today.

Just like all the previous updates, this one is also bringing some nice innovations and, also, some fixes that will, hopefully, improve the overall gaming experience as well. Speaking of that, we have to mention the supersampling add-on first. This little feature will allow you to enjoy the improved picture quality regardless of the resolution that you decide to play your favorite games in.

At the same time, if you want to take full control of how long you (or your child) are allowed to play your PS4, you have a perfect time management feature called (guess what) "Play Time Management". Equally, the Library UI has been updated as well and, once you have this patch installed on your console, you will quickly notice 2 extra tabs - This PS4 name and This PS4 avatar. You will also be able to tweak your personal Tournaments team page by uploading your own wallpapers directly from the USB stick.

Lastly, you will now be able to play your own music in the background via the official cloud service provided by Sony and you can also clear your notifications in no time by deleting all the junk that you will find in your message folder.

If you own a PS4, make sure to download the latest patch as soon as you can in order to maximize your enjoyment and push it to a new level.