Ironically, just on Friday we published some fresh news where it seems highly unlikely that Blizzard's CCC, Hearthstone will be coming to today's modern consoles (you can see the whole entry here) but, unlike that game, Diablo III could become available for Switch users in the (very) near future.

Again, this is not an official confirmation, it's worth saying that our dear Blizzard published a very interesting video teaser that features Diablo light that is switched (yep, SWITCHed, you got it) on and off. It's not a direct implication of any type but.....we know how to read between the lines, I believe. You can take a look at this little post below:

I say we can certainly expect anything to happen and, while we should certainly look for an official confirmation, it's a pretty safe bet that we are in for a port. Diablo III has been a massive success ever since its release back in 2012 and the sales records speak for themselves. The success was huge on both PC and PS4, Xbox On, Xbox 360 and PS3. The Reaper of Souls add-on was superb as well. And if Switch gets its own version of Diablo III, that will surely be a blast.