As 505 Games have just announced, a beloved game for many people, Don't Starve, along with its multiplayer add-on and 2 expansions as a bonus, is coming to Xbox One and PS4 this April!

To be more precise, this release will be titled as "Don't Starve Mega Pack" and the exact dates when we are going to see this game on our favorite consoles are April 17 (for the United States) and April 20 (for the United Kingdom) respectively. This bundle includes the original game as well as Reign of the Giants and Shipwrecked expansions. As the icing on the cake, the PS4 players will also get an additional slice of content - Dynamic Themes. I'm kinda sad that Xbox One players didn't get this additional bonus but I'm sure that these folks can expect some sort of a DLC very soon nonetheless.

Having all this in mind, on top of all this content, Don't Starve Mega Pack includes some extra features like the additional controller skin and the local split-screen mode that allows you to make your own LAN party with your friends (and/or family members) without the need to go online at all.

You can already (pre) order your copies at Amazon (and other well-known for retailers) for $24.99. I recommend watching this little trailer below to make yourself hyped up and THEN you can open your wallet. It's a perfect combination every time...and a rewarding one as well!