In order to make Destiny 2 better and more reachable for wider audiences, Bungie will implement some modifications going forward. First off, Nightfall Strikes will be reworked in a way that the timers will no longer be a thing and will be removed. At the same time, the scoring system will be changed as well and it will motivate you to blow off more enemies than ever before. The team came to a firm conclusion that the current system " pushes players through the encounters as fast as possible"...which is not particularly appealing to all types of players, especially the casual ones.

The upcoming patches will, thus, bring major alterations to the scoring system and the players will be able to take their time and plan their actions (and kills) carefully. At the same time, every kill you make will be handsomely rewarded! Having that in mind, all the individual points of your team will be summed up into your final score. In order to make it as high as possible, you'll need to kill a lot of enemies and to (occasionally) use your Super abilities to generate the needed orbs. That doesn't mean that you can't try to "blast through" if you can, it's just that the whole concept will be redone in order to suit more than one particular play style. Which I find great personally!

Challenge cards will also be added to the Prestige version of Nightfall as well in order to stimulate you to try to tackle this challenge on a higher difficulty. The great thing about them is that you will able to "fine tune" them until you find the difficulty that suits you the most.

Feel free to check out the full post on Bungie's own website. Exciting days are ahead of us, no doubt!