Now, it may all end up being a speculation but, as our friends from Eurogamer report, it seems like we may see Samus Aran faster back faster than we expected. Namely, the linked report clearly states that Metroid Prime 4 may be in development and, as it appears, it will be done by the Bandai Namco's Singapore studio.

This upcoming Switch exclusive was announced at E3 last year but, other than a very small teaser, we got a very limited info on the game itself. People from Nintendo have only stated that Rare would not be involved in this project but they didn't want to give out the name of the actual developer they are working with.

However, no matter how "hidden" this info is, it appears that Namco themselves were dropping hints on their own. Linkedin had plenty of clues and the dedicated fans who love doing the "dirty" undercover work have already assembled all these hints and...they pretty much got on track of the entire thing. This discussion on resetera pretty much nailed it and, if it all turns out to be correct, these folks deserve a cookie!

Nintendo didn't confirm (nor deny) anything just yet but I certainly do expect them to issue an official statement and, basically, confirm these rumors. I certainly do believe they're true, the job descriptions on Linkedin fit this game perfectly. And the two companies already cooperated on games like Pokken Tournament Deluxe (for Nintendo Switch) and Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS.

Naturally, no release date for this game is known yet but, oh boy, when we get it, it will surely feel so epic as we will finally get a new Metroid Prime after such a long wait. I can't wait to try it out!