A true fan of Blizzard games knows that when you are a devoted fan of just one of them, you can end up completely neglecting the other games (* cough* even your own life as well *cough*). There are so many things going on in Overwatch on a daily basis that we could cover them practically all the time but, in all fairness though, we need to give space to other games too. It's not that easy but we do it well.

Aaaaanyway, Jeff Kaplan published a new video where he talked about many interesting Overwatch themes and, of course, the latest Year of the Dog event as well. The most important innovation is a brand new Thailand-inspired map that was designed solely for this purpose. As he mentioned in the video, the map is called Ayutthaya and it will come in two different flavors - traditional and modern. It will also feature the classic Capture the Flag gameplay.

Which brings us to our next point - Capture the Flag mode will see some alterations going forward. For example, the draws will now be completely removed for the sake of the sudden death mechanic. The flags will be located around the middle of the map and the teams will have equal chances of scoring the winning point. You can also instantly pick up the flag, although, to be fair, you can also just as easily drop it as well if your team requires you to take a different tactical approach.

We can't wait to see these changes go live. Remember, Year of the Dog will be active starting from tomorrow, February 8. Also, while waiting, you should definitely check out the video below for full information on what to expect: