All the fans of the original game will now have a good reason to celebrate as Focus Home Entertainment revealed that the sequel is already being developed and it will hit both the consoles (Xbox One and PS4) and the PC as well next year. So, everyone who wanted more of that intense action-RPG gameplay will surely have a game to look forward to.

The most promising thing (and by far) is the fact that the developers promised to keep all those good elements that made the first game stand out in the next one as well. So, we should (yet again) get a very in-depth progression system that will make us feel attached to our characters as if they are our own personal extensions. But, on top of that, it was announced that the team is looking forward to expanding and improving the original experience in order to make the next game even better. The combat system will be revamped as well and we should expect to see a much more tactical approach when it comes to battling various enemies along the way. At the same time, due to its complexity, we should also expect the mistakes to be far more punishing as well.

Whether this game will live up to the expectations or not, it remains to be seen but, until we get our hands on it, we will keep our eye out for more information that will likely drop in the very near future. Some of this info will, reportedly, roll out later this week. Hopefully we get a release date at least.