We, sort of, got used to good news by default. This time, however, we have some bad news instead - Yakuza 6: The Song of Life release date is officially delayed. Many people were eagerly waiting for this title to come out and now, sadly, they will have to wait some more. Not too much, though, but almost a full month after its previously set release date. Yakuza 6 was initially released in Japan back in December 2016 and March 20 was the date when the rest of the world should've got their versions as well. Thanks to this delay, however, we now have a new date - April 17.

The devs used this opportunity to issue an official statement via their official Twitter account. As they wrote, this decision itself was a "very tough business decision" but, on the other hand, it gives them more time to prepare everything and to "line things up for launch". There is something good coming out from all of this and that is a playable demo of the game that will be available on February 27. Not only that you will be able to get a taste of the final product (it is a partial taste, yes, but it's still something at least), you will also be able to transfer your save files on to the final game when it launches. A very fair offer, I have to admit! They concluded their post with the following words: "We have many new plans to reveal over the coming weeks to give you all more insight into the series, so stay tuned". You can take a look at the full tweet right here:

We will make our bodies prepared for April 17, that's for sure! Yakuza 6 is the closing chapter of the story that revolves around Kazuma Kiryu. It is a story that goes on for quite a while and everything seems to be set for the epic grand finale. We will see whether this wait will be worthwhile or not but I am sure that Yakuza 6 will live up to the name of its predecessors, no doubt about that.