We just can't get enough of the latest Assassin's Creed! If you already beat the game (*cough* like some of us did *cough*) but you still crave for some sweet AC action, great news are coming!

As UbiSoft has announced (and confirmed on Reddit), Origins is getting a New Game Plus feature that will allow you to start your adventure from scratch but while retaining everything you obtained during your initial playthrough. This feature was highly anticipated by the community and there is no doubt that it will be popular as soon as it comes out. Now, we don't have the exact date yet but, as Ubi's community manager confirmed: " New Game + is coming. We'll have more information to share soon". Short and simple.....but surely enough to keep us hyped!

Now, I know that some people are impatient already but, just to remind you, Origins already got some sweet updates recently and, I have to say, Ubi really nailed it. Not only that you have a reason to stick around with the game even after you finish your first playthrough, you also get some quality content that is really worth it. If you didn't check out the latest DLC (The Hidden Ones), you should absolutely do so. You get a new mission for Bayek but also a bunch of new costumes and weapons + the level cap is increased as well. And we are also getting the Discovery Tour and Curse of the Pharaohs DLCs coming on February 20 and March 6 as well. So, plenty of new stuff is still on the way for Origins even if we completely ignore the New Game Plus option!

Well done Ubi, bloody well done! I might as well replay the game one more time in order to familiarize myself with the latest additions.....so that I could replay it yet again when we get New Game Plus. Yep, it's that good!