One of the most anticipated games that BioWare is working on is certainly Anthem. Although some people expected to see it coming out by the end 2018, according to the latest inside-info on Kotaku, that will certainly not be the case. As it was stated, the goal of having the game dropped this year was "never realistic".

Now, we certainly don't know when the game is coming out exactly but it appears that EA has no intention of pushing it past March 2019 release so I think it's quite safe to say that we will see Anthem in early 2019 (should this info turn out to be official and...most of all, correct). Although, of course, we still need an official confirmation.

It appears that BioWare is indeed under a lot of pressure and a potential failure of this project may (at least somewhat) seal their destiny. It is not that surprising, to be honest. A lot of resources were put, for example, in creating Mass Effect: Andromeda and, even though it looked impossible for the game to fail, it did happen - Andromeda was a huge failure and, at this point, it seems fairly unlikely that we are going to see a sequel.

It also appears that the team doesn't really believe in Anthem either. Or at least not wholeheartedly. Many new developers joined the team last year but it still seems that the development itself is struggling. One of the sources literally claimed that, at one point, the whole team felt that "the game is screwed", whereas, at a later stage they were a bit more optimistic but still concluding that "game development is hard".

We will see what comes out from this. The fact that the whole idea was kickstarted by Casey Hudson (the ex-director of Mass Effect) still gives me a reason to believe that they know what they are doing. But, the development process itself went through many turbulent periods so really.....we could expect anything.

And also, please bear in mind that nothing here was officially confirmed by neither BioWare nor EA so do take everything with a fair grain of salt. We will certainly keep you updated when more info (especially the official info) rolls out.