Ever since the Definitive Edition was announced, all the fans of the old RTS classic became really excited to try out this remake as well. It's no wonder really, Age of Empires is a true brand even after all these years and it is a crime for any devoted RTS fan to miss out on this iconic title.

Although the game was supposed to be released in October last year, it was delayed just before release. The remastering process proved to be much more demanding than expected and, as it was explained by Mr. Hryb himself: "it was important for the team to treat the Age of Empires franchise with the respect it deserves, so we took the time we needed to get features like attack-move and the improved minimap exactly right, and even added things like an in-game tech tree (how did we survive 1997 without that?) that we hope fans will love". Sounds legit!

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will have all the latest commodities that will allow both the new and returning players to enjoy this game in its full ( and recreated) glory. There will be a full 4K support, a completely fresh narrative for every mission, re-orchestrated soundtrack, redesigned campaign and scenario editors and you will also be able to enjoy the multiplayer features via Xbox Live.

The multiplayer beta testing for the game will start on January 29 but you can still sign-up if you're interested by going to the official website. The deadline for that is January 25. You can also visit the Microsoft Store and preorder the game for $19.99.

We won't have to wait for much longer but, in order to cut that time even further, let's remind ourselves of the official announcement video: