One of the more interesting titles on our radar will certainly be Death Trash. Although the art style is really unique and intriguing, you can be assured that the theme itself is anything but nice. This is an RPG set in a post-apocalyptic environment and, as stated in the very description itself, we should expect to see "large flesh beasts, grotesque, sexual references and trash-talking unlike anything seen before". Yikes! And if that's not enough, your own character will even be able to puke in-game if he gets the right abilities. So, this will not be a game that you should ideally play after you had your precious meal.

As for the plot itself, that is also quite difficult to digest but we should expect a faction war happening on a distant planet as well as the battle for supremacy. The man behind this project (Stephan Hövelbrinks) stated that the main inspirations for this game are Ultima 7 and Planetscape: Torment. He said that Death Trash will be an RPG that offers plenty of different possibilities and you will even be able to avoid the conversations with other NPCs if you are not in the mood for talking.

Now, despite the rather obscure theme, the game certainly has some very interesting aspects to show off (at least from what we can see for now). The combat system appears to be very dynamic and promising (in general) and the graphics, although fairly simple, look really nice as well. If you can cope with headless bodies, plenty of blood and tons of pus covering the floor that is.

Make sure to check out Hövelbrinks' own Twitter account as well as the official website of this project for more information. The release date is not yet announced but we will keep an eye on it. Until then.....happy puk...I mean, happy gaming!