Bungie has finally revealed everything they have in store for their ultra-popular MMO shooter this year. A number of changes and updates that are coming is really big but we will try to sum things up and note down only the most important aspects (we will still provide a direct link to the material provided by Bungie, no worries).

First and foremost, the Crimson Days event will be back yet again and it will up on February 13. By participating in this exclusive event and by completing the Crimson Days, Nightfall and Raid milestones, you will have the chance to win some exclusive loot (like Sparrow, for example). And if you level up while the event is active, you will get both the Illuminated and a Crimson Engram.

Near the very end of this month (January 30 in this case) we will see the Master Armor System being implemented and there will be some changes when it comes to raid awards as well. As Bungie stated, they will be "more unique and interesting". On top of that, you will be able to exchange all the Legendary Shards as well as Raid Tokens in order to get Eater of Worlds and/or Leviathan armor sets.

We will see yet another update coming up in February and that will include both the open chat and clan chat integrations for PC players. It was about time, I may add! Along with that, the weapon mods and armor sets will be reworked while we are going to see Strike Scoring feature being added to Nightfall instead of the currently present time limit. The High Scores will also be added here as well.

After we say goodbye to winter, spring will bring us more content in the form of another DLC and we are also going to get some exciting new features as well. The most important one to note is the Crucible Ranking but we should also mention the private match addition too. You thought that's all? Wrong! The competitive multiplayer mode will offer 6v6 deathmatches now as well so expect even more excitement than 4v4.

This was only a brief rundown but, if you want to take a look at full list of things that are coming to Destiny 2, I highly recommend you to check out this link and read everything on Bungie's own website.

Exciting days are coming for Destiny, no doubt about that!