And the zombie apocalypse is (finally) here! It's not the first time we are shooting Nazi zombies in Call of Duty and it certainly won't be the last time either. We expected this to come in the near future and Activision has finally put up the official cinematic trailer for the new Nazi Zombies DLC.

I gotta say, this trailer is so well made that it even surpasses some actual blockbuster trailers. In just 2 minutes there is plenty of action to keep the adrenaline surging through your veins at the speed of sound. We get to see plenty of undead Nazi soldiers rolling out from an engrossing fog that covers an entire island in northern Germany. They also come out from bloody waters, which is, by far, the creepiest scene in the trailer. The island itself is also very heavily protected by both the Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe.

The Darkest Shore (the actual name of the DLC) is only the first part of a bigger content DLC known as "The Resistance". This DLC is developed as a result of cooperation between Sony and Activision and it's set to come to PS4 first, on January 30. Xbox One and PC players will see the DLC as well but at a later point (the release date is not yet announced).

Call of Duty WWII is doing very well in the sales records and, just yesterday, we wrote about the success of this title on PSN. Despite receiving mixed opinions from the majority of gaming critics, it's obvious that the players are having a blast playing the game and it's even more obvious that this will be a huge financial success that will (hopefully) bring us more quality WWII shooters with the Call of Duty premise.

Make sure to check out The Darkest Shore trailer down below and get ready to shoot down some undead!