When StudioMDHR crafted their aspiring indie platformer, they had no idea that it would be received so well. After getting very favorable reviews from many different critics and after reaching an (already) impressive sales record of 1 million copies sold just 2 weeks after it got launched, the developers have now announced on their website that these numbers went over 2 million! 2 million copies sold for a project with such limited investment is truly a marvelous success. As it was stated on the website: "Even in our wildest dreams, we never thought our crazy little characters would be embraced by this many fans from around the world and we are continuously humbled by your support. The following paragraph was added as well: "So to everyone who has drawn fan art, composed memes, performed songs, conquered challenge runs, streamed their playthrough, or just played Cuphead and had a good time, we love and appreciate all of you from the bottom of our hearts".

As we wrote, Cuphead managed to sell over 2 million copies now but, around half of that number (approximately, 1.1 million copies) was sold via Steam. Although Cuphead can also be found on Microsoft Store as well as GOG, this record alone is enough to set this title in stone as a (new) PC exclusive.

In order to celebrate this success, StudioMDHR is giving out non-redeemed game keys via their official Twitter account. You can also try your luck as well. Maybe the chances of getting one of them aren't that great but you never know how the lottery plays out!

The team finished off their announcement with the following words: "Thanks to the best fans in the world and here's to a joyful 2018!". Thank you as well, dear StudioMDHR, for creating such a marvelous piece of art with this game and we wish you many great (and successful) titles in 2018 and beyond.

If you're one of those people that still didn't check this game out, here's another reason why you should absolutely do that.