Exciting news coming for fans and players of Total War: Warhammer 2. A new DLC called "Rise of the Tomb Kings" has been announced by Creative Assembly and it's set to come on January 23, 2018. Now, this isn't a classic story campaign but rather an update that introduces 4 new playable factions. Each of them has their own Legendary Lords with (yet again) their own sets of unique moves and abilities (like the ability to use massive sandstorms, for example) and you will be able to use them in both the Mortal Empires and the Eye of the Vortex campaigns respectively. The main objective is to find 9 Books of Nagash and being successful will grant you some really awesome awards.

There are 4 new factions (as we stated) and these are the 4 Legendary Lords ruling over them:

Settra the Imperishable
- the king of all Tomb Kings. A ruthless leader that will do anything to achieve his goals. He is immortal and, as it is stated on the official website: " the civilizations that flourished in his absence now feel his wrath ".

High Queen Khalida - She is the Warrior-Queen of Lybaras and she possesses extraordinary honor, bravery and strength as well. She is the Goddess' chosen with the divine venom of Asaph flowing through her veins.

Grand Hierophant Khatep - Out of all the Liche Priests, Khatep is the oldest one and by far the wisest one as well. He is in charge of the Mortuary Cult's Hierophantic Council. As it was added on the official website, he was the first Liche Priest to deny the death's embrace and he was also the one who awoke Settra to unlife. But, it was her distrust that led to his exile. He is now roaming over the Land of the Dead and, at the same time, he is also looking for a way to redeem himself in her eyes.

Arkhan the Black - The trusted lieutenant of Nagash. He played a major role in restoring the powers of the hated arch-necromancer. He was in charge of massive armies of Nagash but was ultimately slain by the Priest King's soldiers. He is later resurrected as a Liche King and now he will do anything to ensure that his wrath is unleashed upon all living beings .

Make sure to check out the official announcement on the Total War website for full details on this upcoming DLC. Also, don't miss out on the cinematic trailer....

See you on January 23!