Jettomero: Hero of the Universe Review

An absolute gem of a game to play--Jettomero doesn't take long to dive into, nor is it too deep. You're a robot who is slightly confused on everything around it, blasted into a galaxy you don't know, and events taking place around you with the human civilization that you haven't quite caught up on yet. It's an adorable story that unfolds like a comic book, with super hero pacing that can only leave you feeling pumped up!

The gameplay is so imaginative, easy to pick up and wonderful to experience. You play as Jettomero--a clunky red robot who walks around like a drunken toddler. Not only is it cute to control, it's relatively easy too. There is a bit of a learning curve to Jettomero's general movements, but it really doesn't take long at all to figure it out. He's fun, full of personality, and you can't help but love him straight away. The sympathy he feels for a human race that is clearly scared of him is all too endearing to watch. They fly around, bomb him, shoot at him as he towers over buildings, but he can't help but stomp around fighting for them, and forgiving them for playing on their fear.

There's much to do to keep you busy, that which doesn't pit you in one type of gameplay. Mini puzzles of decrypting can be quite fun, and just challenging enough for accomplishment, but not heartache. Battles commence as you land from planet to planet and find individual Godzilla-like monsters threatening the humans. The fights work like a type-off, in which you have to literally type letters out to gain ground. It's simple and if sailing quietly through the Universe isn't your particular speed--it more than picks up the pace. You also run around stomping holes in the ground to collect appearance items--I have to say, it made me laugh how upfront the game was about the vanity of these collectibles too. For nothing more than looking the part of Hero of the Universe! D'aww!

Saving what I think is the best for last--Jettomero's art style is...well, stunningly gorgeous. It's a treat to look at and walk around in a lavish MS Painted universe. Bright and colourful, bold and unforgiving. And oh, so fluid! I suspect the developers knew what they had on their hands here, giving the player a specific mode to take photos in. It's an art style in a game that I've never seen, and could certainly see being imitated by future titles.

Asteroids to smash, little achievements to keep you going--it's so full of life and wonder, without being too deep. I found it all to be refreshing, and Jettomero's attitude always finding a way to paint a smile on my face. It's an absolute must-have if you generally enjoy exploring things with child-like wonder. I read a review in which someone put it best, "Is it too early to ask for a sequel?"