Newly opened Red Faction Center have scored themselves an interview with James Tsai the producer of Red Faction. Heres a Question:

    Q: People are complaining about to much lag, which might destroy much of the fun playing a multiplayer game. Why?

    A fun multiplayer experience for owners of Red Faction is something that has been and will continue to be a priority for us. For starters, you can get better performance if you try running a dedicated server off a separate machine and playing there rather than trying to host and play at the same time. On-line gaming is subject to a lot of external factors, however, that can really dampen the enjoyment if users fall into pretty common pitfalls. Trying to host a 32 player game on a 56k modem, for instance, is just not going to work no matter how good the netcode is, and yet people try to do it all the time. Cable modems are becoming more common now, but many providers often cap upstream rates meaning you might be getting 15k/sec hosting a game even if you get blistering download times.