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Well it's not only the old style point and click adventure game that's made a come back, it seems that although we have games with VR compatibility, 3D graphics etc folks have a hankering to return too the good old days of 8 bit graphics and sound!

This and Butcher (to be reviewed soon) are both examples of this. I have no complaints about people wanting this; as long as the game is entertaining and engaging then who cares what it looks like?

Branching story line....

It's a traditional plot for a game, never mind a western story or movie. Out hero comes home to find that some son-of-a-gun and his gang have burnt down his ranch and killed his pop. What's a guy to do in this case? Well strap on a pair of six guns and go get some old fashioned revenge sorry I mean justice, what else?!

But out hero is a bit strapped for cash so he will have to complete side quests and bounty hunts to earn the cash to upgrade weapons and keep him in precious ammo.  He will make friends, make enemies and well who knows, get the girl too!

Saddle up!

It's no Red Dead Redemption of course not, but it has enough to do and explore to keep you amused for quite a few hours. There are several locations to explore and interact with on your journey.

Controlling your hero on his quest is easy enough, and controls are responsive and fairly intuitive.

The trickiest element is aiming to shoot but you should soon master it with practice. You'll travel by train, on foot and (once you have earned enough cash) by horse.

It won't take too long to finish if you just follow the step by step adventure and unlock clues to determine the identity of the villain responsible. I hear that if you replay it, the description changes so there's some replay value here and of course he will have a bunch of new sidekicks to get in your way.

It's kind of like playing Guess Who?. The clues may tell you you are looking for a dude in a checked shirt, he has a moustache etc etc. Just make sure you don't get the wrong guy or shoot too many innocent civilians or it's YOU who is going to end up being wanted!

Pistol packing, pixellated, six gun fun....

It won't be to everyone's taste but it has a sense of humour and isn't afraid to tip it's hat in acknowledgement of famous western films with references and in-jokes.  I found it engaged and amused me for the time I played it, and yes, it did frustrate from time to time but hey every game should have a challenge or it's no fun.

I say have a look, maybe try before you buy. 

Personally I'm grabbing my hat and guns and riding the range so I can find me some bad ass bandits...

Hi ho Silver awayyyyy!