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Based on the latest or most recent TMNT movie, this cell shaded action adventure see the heroes in a hardshell, once again, battling the forces of evil through the streets of Manhattan. The battle also goes high rise on the rooftops and not unexpectedly, down in the Underground train tunnels and the sewers.

The action comes fast and furious, with cooperative gameplay. Get the timing right and you can unleash some devastating double team, triple threat and four on one combos upon the enemies and bosses.

I could go into plot details but really there's not much of a plot here. You get the flavour of what this is going to be like right from the get go as you race against time to defuse four bombs even as the enemies foot soldiers try and stop you. Time is crucial here and indeed there is genuine moments of tension during timed missions.

It's a large plating field but isn't quite a sandbox adventure though it could have been. It's annoying to see areas that might be interesting to explore but can't as the game reminds you there's a plot and you really must follow it, NOW.

No it genuinely is that unsubtle. No time to explore and for some reason the RPG style customisation that was there in Out of the Shadows (which I also reviewed) and levelling up is gone.

This is a straight forward beat them up adventure and it's as fast paced as can be....and that's a problem.

You have little or not time to catch your breath. You and your up to three comrades, will have to hit the pause button a lot to catch your breath and perhaps work out your tactics. 

Take Control....

Ahh if only it was that simple! The smooth responses that the predecessor had are sadly lacking here. There is a distinct delay in inputting a request for help via the D-Pad, and them actually responding. In single play it's often the reason why I failed and even in co-op play it's nowhere near as smooth as it could be.

The combos are as devastating and as satisfying as usual BUT....the a.i seems sharper than before and anticipates almost every single move. Boss fights right from the start are tough, bloody tough. Be warned, it's going to test your reflexes, and your patience.

Sometimes more is NOT better...

More combos, more weapons and more abilities should be good right? You can paraglide and parachute into battle and slide across the ground and perform a nice leg sweeping takedown and lots of other fairly cool stuff but the lack of response will leave you wondering if you'll ever get them off as the enemy often counters, blocks or simply evades everything but the most complex to perform combos.

If this is aimed at a younger audience I can see lot's of little heroes leaving this game on the shelf and older fans/players may be wondering why this game falls short and just does not deliver where it should.

It's NOT all bad....

Graphics are pleasing, animations are smooth and the soundtrack is fast paced and exciting but I have to say it here and now, TMNT: Out of The Shadows did all that this game does but better, much much better, and is by far the most balanced and satisfying game of the two. As an addition to the series it works OK I guess, but I have to say better game play and balance might make me think more of it than it's just another game to milk the cash cow that is this franchise.

Not a must buy or a avoid, but rather approach with caution and perhaps brace yourself to taste the bitter flavour of disappointment.