Released last May 2016 to universal critical acclaim, Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment's newest cash cow. Simply put, it's a team-based first-person shooter game where players control hero characters with unique abilities similar to RPG characters. You can think of it as a well-budgeted and more refined Team Fortress 2.

Overwatch is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Now that the Nintendo Switch is out, it's fair to wonder whether the game will also arrive on the newest console in the market. According to Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch's director, on Reddit, bringing the game to the Switch is "very challenging" for them. But he didn't rule out the possibility, saying that they're always open to looking into other gaming platforms.

He also said that he loves the Switch and that the Nintendo 3DS is his second favorite gaming system ever. So it's not like he has an allergy to Nintendo gaming systems to completely disregard a possible port to Nintendo's brand-new console. The problem is that the Switch's mobile-oriented processor may not be able to handle Overwatch. They will likely scale it down to match the Switch's hardware capabilities.

There's also the issue with the Switch's tiny controllers which don't really look like they're made for first-person shooters, though it can be remedied if you buy the Switch's separate pro controller. Still, Overwatch on-the-go? Just imagine the possibilities. Pooping will never be the same again. Team communication will also certainly be easier with your teammates literally sitting next to you. And you can easily smash your Switch on a teammate's face if they're talking shit to you.

In other Overwatch news, a new character is set to arrive in the form of Orisa, a four-legged robot who acts as a Tank-class character. As you would expect, her abilities are mainly centered on defense, like the ability to reduce damage taken and block enemy attacks using a barrier. Blizzard has yet to announce Orisa's availability in the live game, but you can play as her in the PC version's public test realm.

Source: Reddit