Happening upon Unexplored my first impression was to not be very impressed. It looked slightly unfinished, and having never played a rouge lite (or like, I've seen both and can't quite put my finger down) game, the whole idea and concept just looked like a random Zelda dungeon generator to me. As I tucked into it, I found to be pleasantly surprised.

First off, the content of this tidy little game is quite astounding. It's all done in a very simple manner, very straight forward, but like most well done indie games, you can tell someone put a lot of love into it. One of my favourite things to a game is utilizing it's art to be a strength in game play. Not all games have to be big and flashy to be wonderfully effective, and Unexplored further proves that. The dungeons are simple in how they're presented, but remain concealed at just the right pace for the game play.

There are no tricks about controlling your character or using items or weapons. They've made it fun and easy to attack and pick things up, causing no grief to how you move about in levels. The traps and rooms are thought-provoking, making you really turn your brain on for the win. This one might look like an easy game at first glance, but getting into it--it's anything but.

Unexplored harnesses quite a bit of random generation and really makes it work for it. The dungeons are fresh and new every time, the puzzles shift and keep you on your toes. It's also worth a mention that aside from the main game, you have the option to play weekly and daily dungeons, which if you're a daily monster like I am, is incredibly fun to have at hand. It keeps it new and addicting, something that I think is a must with this type of game.

Another notable mention is how much the Devs are really keeping an eye out on what fans say about their game. I always appreciate a good team that follows up on bugs and suggestions. They certainly have an ear to the ground and have listened to what people are reporting and saying as they play. For an already great game, this is the hallmark of a finely polished product--something that certainly earns extra points in my book.

On the surface, Unexplored looks to be just another throw away title. But dig deeper and you will find a game that will challenge you and really make you think. If you're anything like me, a bit of brain power used is always key to a better time when playing video games...and Unexplored makes just that happen. I highly recommend if this is your first go on a game like this, and even more recommend it if you were ever a fan of Nethack or Brogue.