Good news, iOS users: Turns out, Fire Emblem Heroes would indeed launch on iOS at the same time as the Android version. Nintendo of America has clarified their initial announcement that the mobile game would release on Android on February 2, with the iOS version coming soon afterward. The correction was made via their official Twitter account.

Nintendo made the initial announcement last January 18 at the Nintendo Direct livestream. Fire Emblem Heroes is the first Fire Emblem game for mobile devices. But despite the new platform, the familiar tactical strategy gameplay still applies. In the game, you move characters on a grid-based map. Whenever an enemy enters your combat range, you can engage them in a one-on-one battle. The same "weapon triangle" system will apply during battles (e.g. sword beats ax, ax beats spear, and spear beats sword).

The characters in the game - the titular "Heroes - are protagonists from previous Fire Emblem games. Such as Roy and Marth, the two characters credited for introducing the series to western audiences, and Lyn. You can also unlock more characters, either by playing through the game or using real money.

Fire Emblem Heroes is another move by Nintendo to bring its intellectual properties to the mobile gaming scene, an industry that has ballooned the last few years and is threatening to throw dedicated handheld consoles off a cliff. Well, it might have already accomplished that, if the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS sales are any indications. Both consoles have underperformed, most especially the former, compared to their predecessors, the PSP and the Nintendo DS, respectively. Fire Emblem Heroes joins Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run in the list of mobile games based on popular Nintendo properties.

The Fire Emblem series is most notable for featuring well-developed characters. All playable characters in the game are unique - none of those generic nameless units seen in other strategy games. The series is also known for featuring the dreaded permanent death or "permadeath." The most recent installment in the series is Fire Emblem Fates for the 3DS, released last year.

Fire Emblem Heroes releases on February 2 on both Android and iOS. The game is free-to-play like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run.

Source: Nintendo of America