If you are expecting a really lengthy review then I am afraid you are going to be disappointed. Look, this is Chess, OK? What else is there to be said about the heart of the game other than that.

There's no campaign mode, no story line, it's just Chess. Well OK that may be a slight exaggeration but it still sums it up in a nutshell.

If nothing else it's a good educational tool for those who have just started playing Chess or is planning to buy a set and learn the game. I certainly have learnt a few things and tricks of the trade so to speak that I was previously unaware of.


The graphics are sharp to say the least, textures of the chess pieces whether made of stone or wood look highly polished and you cannot fault it on that score. The soundtrack comprises of a mixture of 'lounge jazz' to classical music, or very nicely performed by I assume real musicians. 

It does not obviously require a bass laden hip hop soundtrack or heavy metal. It suits the mood/genre very well indeed.


Just two on offer for main play, local for two folks playing in the same room or against an A.I. player or online. There are various difficulty modes to challenge you, and options for game modes such as a move timer that can apply some pressure to the proceedings.

That's about it.


As you play you can unlock different setting to play your game such as a library, study or a museum. This makes little difference to the overall game to be honest, the best thing is the different chess pieces that can be unlocked and you can, if you wish, buy new sets from the market store.


Look chess is chess, it does not get any more in depth or exciting as that. Want some more options for a board game sim?, well look elsewhere such as Monopoly Plus or Trivial Pursuit.

It's slick and glossy and Online play is as smooth as it can be. No lag issues that I have seen.

This is good for a beginner player and I reckon an experienced player would also enjoy this. It's not quite my cup of tea, I'll be honest, but it's not terrible and not a must buy for me. One for the aficionados only I think.

Thanks to X Box for the code.